The end of September is closer than we think, the end of the month brings many things to mind, for employers making sure we processed employee terminations or new hires paperwork. Some are busy closing the books or running payroll. In our personal lives, we are busy paying bills or preparing the calendar for next month’s activities.

This month has been a rough month for everyone, Houston was hit with a Hurricane that devastated many Houstonians, we only hope they can soon rebuild and be back on their feet. Schools were postponed and classes finally started this month after the Hurricane. It has been quiet the month for Houston!

As individuals, we have a checklist of items we need to get done, and some simply get pushed to the next month or next quarter or even next year. We only have 3 months left before the end of the 2017 year is upon us, and let us simply remind you of one more item that needs to be checked off your list soon, Annual Exam!!!

If it’s for you, your spouse or your children, let’s get our Annual Exam’s Done!